2023 Peter Pan

In the summer of 2023, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell will take flight at the Château de Beloeil!
Luc Petit and the ASBL Les Nocturnales invite you to the Château de Beloeil estate for a fabulous journey to the heart of Peter Pan’s Neverland!
Who better than this mischievous hero who doesn’t want to grow up to take you on a prodigious fairytale adventure? You’ll meet a fierce Indian tribe, outwit the terrible Captain Hook and his pirates, and laugh at the mischief of lost children…
It’s a moment out of time, sprinkled with Tinkerbell’s magic dust and enhanced by Luc Petit’s enchanting staging.
Once again this year, the creator of Les Nocturnales, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio has assembled a merry troupe in the gardens and around the ponds of Beloeil’s sumptuous park: actors in colourful costumes, tightrope walkers defying gravity, acrobats of all kinds, aerial dancers and fire jugglers… Their burlesque pirouettes, dizzying acrobatics, musical notes and astonishing pyrotechnic effects will amaze young and old alike and light up the sky with shooting stars!
For the duration of a dream come true, rediscover your childlike spirit and follow Peter Pan’s shadow before it escapes…

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2022 Pinocchio

Between 4 and 21 August 2022, Luc Petit and the ASBL Les Nocturnales pulled the strings on Pinocchio: Collodi’s timeless classic, re-enchanted in 43 performances bathed in the soft light of the wishing star…
Pinocchio has captured the hearts of more than 17,000 spectators, thanks to more than 60 artists on 9 stages with magical sets.
In the breathtaking setting of the Château de Beloeil park, transformed into an immense puppet theatre, aerial acrobats, jugglers, dancers and fire-players brought to life an unusual piece of wood, transforming it into a mischievous boy, thanks to the grace of the Blue Fairy and a fatherly love that conquers all…
Will Pinocchio fall into the trap set by the cunning Fox? Will the whale emerge from the icy pool?
Let the nose of the man who claims to know grow longer!

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2021 Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

Once upon a time there was a little village girl…
This show by Luc Petit has brought the famous tale by Perrault and the Brothers Grimm back to life! For a fortnight, the magnificent grounds of the Château de Beloeil were transformed into the forest of the Big Bad Wolf, to the immense delight of young and old alike!
In the special atmosphere of this dreamy setting, let yourself be lulled by this story from another time, and dare to pull out all the stops… Trompe-l’oeil sets, aerial acrobats, horsemen, jugglers, puppeteers, dancers and fire-players will bring this fantastic allegory to life, right up to the climax!

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2019 Les Féeries de Beloeil

Our spectators pushed open the doors of the Château to take part in the Beloeil enchantments. A dazzling new creation in the air, on the water and under the stars, orchestrated by Luc Petit!

Carried away by powerful, angelic baroque melodies, lose yourself in the meandering vegetation of the Beloeil estate. In this sumptuous setting, a unique show in the footsteps of Molière, combining all the performing and street arts to delight young and old alike. Fantastic legends, spellbinding dances, magical characters, an atypical bestiary and modern acrobatics were all part of this new edition.

An exceptional event that plunged you deeper into the mysterious secrets of our Belgian Versailles! An unforgettable experience at the Beloeil estate.

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2018 Les Féeries de Beloeil

And the man created the flame, the one that made the Château de Beloeil shine with more than a thousand lights, for the time of the enchantments orchestrated by Luc Petit!

On 18 August 2018, comedians and magicians aimed their rainbows at the castle to shoot a thousand and one arrows, in a baroque flamboyance of fireworks, juggling and phantasmagoria…

Life-like sets and over a hundred actors, dancers and artists!

A sumptuous backdrop for a 360° show in the air, on the water, before your very eyes, under the Milky Way!

And the surprise of an impromptu meeting with Gérald Watelet, enthusiastic patron of the event and must-see of the summer.

Cascading fencing, country ballets, Neptune-defying acrobatics, puppets, fantasies and pantomimes, aerial magic, equestrian shows, choreographed bestiaries, choirs under the stars, lighting fantasies, moonlit dances and, to round things off in style, a night-time programme with a DJ show that set the stars alight!

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