Kids Zone By CPH

This year, Les Nocturnales and Youplacitygames present an exciting new feature: the ‘Kids Zone by CPH’.

In this area dedicated to children up to 12 years old, open from the afternoon, young explorers can have fun in an enchanting setting.

A true kingdom of inflatable castles awaits the little adventurers, including a 27-meter long castle course! It is the perfect place to climb, jump, and have a blast safely, with animators on site to ensure everything goes smoothly and joyfully.

While the children play and burn off energy, the older ones can enjoy a relaxing moment in the dining area.

Take this opportunity to explore the estate before the show and spend a relaxing family time together!

The entrance ticket includes access to the Kids Zone as well as the Château park. Entrance is through the Château.

Opening time of the Kids Zone by CPH: 1 PM.

Please note, the Château parking is free until 6 PM. If you have a parking ticket for the show, please display it visibly on your windshield.


Visit to the gardens and Château de Beloeil

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Château de Beloeil for several years for our summer wandering shows. Why not take advantage of your outing in this magnificent setting to explore more deeply this fascinating estate? Discover the Beloeil Park during the day before attending the “Around the World in 80 Days” show, and already enjoy a sneak peek of our fast food area as well as the inflatable castle park. It is also possible to visit the interior of the Château de Beloeil, also known as the Belgian Versailles, and immerse yourself in the eight centuries of history of this medieval fortress transformed into a pleasure palace.

The estate is open every day during the months of July and August from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. You can book your visit on the Château’s website or purchase your tickets directly on site.

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Wallonia at a reduced price!

Don’t wait any longer to use the Pass! This digital tourist pass, available to everyone, offers over 200 advantages for (re)discovering Wallonia at a smart price.

More information on the PassInstall the web-app on my smartphone

Discover the region

Going around the world in 80 days at the Domaine de Beloeil is also an opportunity to discover the beautiful surrounding Picardy region and its cultural points of interest.

Don’t hesitate to explore some of the 500 kilometres of waymarked footpaths in the Plaines de l’Escaut Nature Park, discover the sea of sand in the Stambruges forest, visit the Iguanodon Museum and the archaeological site at Aubechies…

Discover the village that is home to the Château des Princes de Ligne, and visit the Beloeil Tourist Office for all the information you need on the must-see sights in the area.

Ath, well known for its giants and its ducasse on the 4th Sunday in August, is also a town of character in the heart of a green region. Its Grand-Place, surrounded by historic buildings, lively terraces and a variety of shops, is the place to visit. Many people make the trip to do their shopping. The Burbant Tower, built in 1166, is one of Wallonia’s major heritage sites.

Tournai is one of Belgium’s oldest Gallo-Roman towns, alongside Arlon and Tongeren. As the first capital of the Frankish kingdom, it played an important historical, economic, religious and cultural role in the County of Flanders during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. If you haven’t already had the chance, come and admire Belgium’s oldest belfry or Tournai’s magnificent Romanesque and Gothic cathedral, famous for its five towers that have earned it the nickname of “the city of five steeples”.

Set in a rural setting, Aubechies is a representative village of Hainaut architecture from the last century, immersed in a flourishing natural environment. It is the domain of red tile and brick, with the occasional fine sandstone rubble gable… Listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia, Aubechies stands out in particular for its many listed buildings and farms with character: the church of Saint-Géry, the former Château de Bruycker, the Bruyère farm, the dwelling of the farm of the abbey of Saint-Ghislain… forming a charming and picturesque whole.

The construction of Château d’Attre was commissioned by the Count of Gomegnies in 1752 on the foundations of an earlier castle. This magnificent neoclassical residence, listed as a major heritage site in Wallonia, is one of the few Belgian châteaux to have preserved all of its period furniture and décor.

The Municipal Museum of the Fair and Memory will take you back in time with numerous collectibles and animations. The lights, music, colors, and the magic of the fairground with a carousel dating back to the 1920s, a flea circus, and its history: fabulous pieces await discovery! Manufactured objects, posters, archives, and postcards will revive the highlights of life in Saint-Ghislain throughout the ages.

The Iguanodon Museum immerses you in the history of the discovery of the Bernissart iguanodons. This major discovery in the world of paleontology is a fabulous adventure, which will guide you through the different stages of this discovery room by room until you reach the masterpiece of the museum: a genuine fossilized skeleton of an iguanodon.

The Stambruges Forest offers a variety of hiking trails, traversing a land rich in legends and stories. In this former coal forest, magic and sacredness coexist: fairies, hermits, and will-o’-the-wisps mingle with calvaries, chapels, and revered trees. Only muted footsteps and the whispering of walkers accompany the echo of the Black Woodpecker.

To the south of the forest, the Sand Sea or Stambruges Sea appears as a former pond spanning about forty hectares. Submerged two centuries ago, it was once fed by rainwater. This fish-filled body of water was highly appreciated by migratory ducks. It can be imagined that the princes of Lignes, owners of the woods, procured carp and pike from it.

Founded in 1242 by Alix de Rosoit and entrusted to nuns, the hospital operated until the 1980s, then was transformed into a museum. This place is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe, to be discovered with its myriad facets: baroque chapel, cloister, gardens, sick room, convent… A must-visit where the care of the soul and the care of the body come together…

A true open-air museum, the Archaeosite of Aubechies showcases the lives of populations that succeeded each other in our regions through various reconstructions based on the results of numerous archaeological excavations. The Prehistory is illustrated by dwellings from the Neolithic period (early farmers-breeders), the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Alongside a Gallic house, you can also discover the Gallo-Roman period, represented by a temple, a necropolis, a villa, and a flat-bottomed boat.

Cycling and walking

Picardy Wallonia is an essential cycling destination, with its 1600 km of node points connected to Flemish, Walloon, and French networks, its two natural parks, its numerous waterways, and its small country roads… not to mention the 200 km of greenways of the RAVeL (Autonomous Network of Slow Ways), safe and friendly, which offers over 45 marked local routes for family outings or hikes on foot, by bike, on horseback, or rollerblading.

Do you want to take the opportunity to explore the surroundings by bike or on foot? The Hainaut Rando website is here to accompany you on your journey and offer you alternative routes while taking you through cultural and natural points of interest in the region.

Hainaut Rando

Beloeil is also the starting point, or “km 0”, of the 1600 km of signposted trails of the “node points” network in Picardy Wallonia. This system allows you to create your own route using specific signage. The “node points Wapi” network map is available for sale at the Beloeil Tourist Office for €7 or on their website.

Various hiking packs (for €10) published by the Tourist Board of Picardy Wallonia are also available (walking guides for the Natural Park of the Plains of Escaut, Topoguide of the Dendre Valley, etc.).

Bike rental:
The Beloeil Tourist Office offers 6 electric bikes for rent (by reservation only, 48 hours in advance at 069/689516). Other rental points are available in the region via VisitWapi.

Please note that a bike rack is available free of charge at the entrance of the Beloeil Castle domain.

Visit BeloeilVisit Wapi